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Wingstitution is our line of REAL butterfly wing jewelry.

Most of our butterflies are farm raised, mainly in South America, by butterfly farms dedicated to conservation. These farms supply pupae to live butterfly exhibits in museums and zoos around the world. For every family farm, less rainforest is cut down and rural people are given employment opportunities. The butterflies are protected from natural predators, resulting in as much as an 80% increase in survival rates to the caterpillar stage. We only work with reputable licensed brokers for our supply.
We ship our orders with a few copies of this Butterfly Guide - tiny folded booklet to inform your employees and customers about our butterfly sources and process, prints one per 8 1/2 x 11" page
Folding Instructions - the order of the folds of the page above is important to get the booklet to look just right! You can download and print your own copies from the links here.

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